There is a strong possibility that your household includes a dog or two, a cat and perhaps even a hamster or some other small, furry critter. If you are a household with pets, you understand the struggle you have trying to keep your house clean.

Your furry pals bring you a ton of love and joy, but they are also a source of huge problems for those who have allergies.

And then let’s consider the fact that you keep your house shut for the better part of the year to keep the extreme cold and heat out. What you are left with is indoor air that is often more toxic than the air outside.

If the air quality inside your home is poor, there are ways in which it can be improved. Hage Energy, your air conditioner repair service in Houston, offers some helpful tips that will help improve the quality of air in your home.

Change the Filter

It is important for several reasons to change your HVAC filters on a regular basis. In addition to saving energy and extending the life of your HVAC system, fresh filters also keep the air in your home cleaner. But only if you are using filters that are designed for homes with pets.

Clean the Carpet

When it comes to pets, carpeting is the worst flooring choice. Ideally, you should swap out your carpet for hardwood floors. But if that is not an option, then you should at least be cleaning your carpets several times a year.

If you are resourceful and handy, this is something you can handle on your own. If not, then it makes sense to hire a carpet cleaner to get the job done.


One way to keep your indoor air quality good is by giving Fido and Fluffy baths on a regular basis, weekly even. You should also be brushing your pets out a few times a week as well.

If you are not a fan of washing and grooming the dog or cat, hire the help of a professional.

Set a Routine

Every household should have a regular cleaning routine. The harsh reality is that pets shed, adults make messes and kids make everything sticky. This happens every single day of the week.

Because everybody in your household is guilty of being messy at least some of the time, you should have a cleaning schedule.

In addition to pets shedding, pets are notorious for dragging dirt and other debris into the house. They have a bad habit of not wiping their paws when coming back inside.

Vent Cleaning

It makes sense to have the vents in your home cleaned by a professional. A lot of the dander and fur your pets shed wind up in your HVAC system and messes with your indoor air quality.

When an HVAC professional cleans the ducts in your home, you will notice a vast improvement in the quality of your indoor air.

Whether you need your air conditioner serviced or professional vent cleaning, Hage Energy has got you covered. Give us a call today.