As you sit there in your easy chair making a list of the cleaning and maintenance projects that need to be done this spring, stop for a moment and think about the bad habits you have picked up over the years concerning your HVAC system.

For example, you used to change out your furnace filter every three months like clockwork. But that has changed over the years and now you might change out the filter two or three times a year. That’s a bad habit that will come with a consequence down the road.

Hage Energy, your furnace repair service in Houston, offers the bad HVAC habits you may have picked up over the years.

Preventative Maintenance

You have heard many times that your HVAC system should be checked out by a professional at least once a year. Annual checkups are the best way to catch problems with your furnace or air conditioner in the early stages while repairs are easy and inexpensive.

A small problem with your air conditioner or furnace that hasn’t been properly serviced will become an expensive emergency one day.

Abusing Your Thermostat

Are you the type of person who is constantly getting up, walking to the thermostat and making adjustments? If so, you need to stop that right away. It is time that you learned just how your thermostat works.

You see, your furnace and your air conditioner work best when you set the thermostat and then just leave it alone. Continually changing the thermostat will result in cycles that run too short or too long, neither of which are good for your HVAC system.

Once you have chosen the desired temperature, there is nothing to be gained by changing it every hour.

Closing Off Vents

It makes sense to close up vents in rooms that you rarely use in your house. However, when you do, it disrupts the balance of your HVAC system.

Your HVAC system is designed to heat and cool a specific amount of space. When you start closing off vents, you change the amount of space your HVAC system cools and heats. The result is a system that is out of balance and runs longer or shorter than it should.

Over time, this could cause damage to your HVAC components.

Change the Filter

Like we mentioned before, you don’t always change out your HVAC filter every three months. By the way, when was the last time you changed out your filter?

If it has been longer than three months since you changed the filter, you are making your HVAC system work much harder than it should.

This is easily fixed by simply changing out your filter every three months or sooner.

If you have any of these bad habits, breaking them will be the best thing you can do for your HVAC system. If it has been a while since your last HVAC inspection, you should be making a phone call this week. Give Hage Energy a call and schedule an appointment today.