Keep your schedule open for July 27. This is the date the Rolling Stones will be playing in Houston.

Now, even if you are not a Rolling Stones fan, you have to admit that this tour is quite intriguing. If you were to add up the ages of the band members, you would need a calculator because that is quite a large number.

But what is even more impressive is the fact that the Stones are still very relevant in 2019, 57 years after they formed. Very impressive.

Think about it, Mick Jagger is the perfect rock star, he is rude, ugly-attractive and brilliant. And he can move, like, well, Jagger.

So it would be worth it to leave the comfort of your air-conditioned home in July to go see the Rolling Stones. Hage Energy, your HVAC service in Houston, offers the reasons why the Rolling Stones are one of the best bands ever.


How many guitarists have tried to look like Eric Clapton, George Harrison or Roger Waters? Exactly. These are guitar player from some pretty heavy hitting bands like Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Cream, yet not that many aspire to be like them.

And while Mick might not be model material, he has always been copied, and not just his looks and style either, his moves make everybody want to groove. Legendary.

The Music

The Rolling Stones have spawned so many hot singles across the globe that we could write a book about the songs alone. Songs like Satisfaction are so intertwined with society that we are quite sure even Millennials have heard it.

The Feuds

Any group of people who have been together for nearly 60 years is going to butt heads from time to time. In some bands, this usually means someone quitting the band, getting fired or disbanding, the ultimate demise for a rock band.

But as a measure of greatness, The Rolling Stones see the best in each other and overcome any differences they have. Mick and Keith have been continually clashing for years, but it seems as though they always find a middle ground.


The Rolling Stones are still touring after nearly 60 years. They have released 25 studio albums and have performed over 2,000 concerts around the world. If this doesn’t get you noticed by the masses, nothing will.

They are Amazing Live

The Rolling Stones are masters on the stage. They give off an easy-going and relaxed vibe while maintaining a sharp performance that will take your breath away. They are true showmen who have mastered their craft over the decades.

You Will Recognize Most Songs

There are a number of concerts that you see where you might know a handful of songs. There are concerts you see that only have one or two songs you recognize. But you will not only know most songs the Stones play, you know the lyrics to most of them as well.

So chill out in your home and consider buying tickets to one of the greatest concerts this summer. And if your air conditioning conks out, move like Jagger to the phone and give Hage Energy a call.