Summer, fall and winter may have their fair share of fans, but we are willing to bet that spring is the season most people have on the list as their favorite. Light jackets, blooming flowers and Mother’s Day, you can’t ask for anything more. The more we talk about spring, the more you are desiring to go outside and enjoy it.

If baby bunnies, daffodils and warm breezes aren’t enough to convince you that spring is the best season ever, there are plenty of other reasons we can explore. Hage Energy, your HVAC service in Houston, offers the wonderful reasons why spring is the best season of the year.

Fewer Colds

You did your best to avoid people who were coughing or sniffling and you never touched anything like a door handle with your bare hands in fear that you would pick up a nasty bug. You even went through six bottles of hand sanitizer, the big bottles.

You have also had a slightly sore throat for the better part of four months. It could be the remnants of a cold or it could be blamed on paranoia. Either way, the warm spring weather has you thinking about everything except getting a cold.

Fresh Air

In all likelihood, your house has been closed off to the outside world all winter. Spring is the time of year that you can open your windows and once again enjoy a breeze through your house. This is a good thing as your home was beginning to smell a little funky.

Better Moods

It is difficult to keep a sense of humor in the winter with cold temperatures and very short days. But spring makes you happy. In fact, spring makes everybody happy, even your boss will crack the occasional smile in the spring.


Yes, take a look out the window and you will see birds and butterflies navigating the great outdoors. Butterflies are the most enchanting insect of earth and we all look forward to their arrival in the spring.

Bursting Colors

Springtime brings changes to the landscape. What was once grey and barren is now filled with the colors of spring. It makes you want to kick off your shoes and skip through a blooming field of flowers.

Perfect Temperatures

You have the cold temperatures of winter and the hot temperatures of summer. And right in the middle, you have the perfect temperatures of spring. Spring is like the little bear’s porridge, not too hot and not too cold. In fact, it is just right.

Animals Come Back

For whatever reason, many animals decide to sit out for the winter. They either hibernate over the winter or just leave. Come spring, the animals return. And as a bonus, they come back with their super-cute offspring.

Spring is also the time of year when you need to ensure that your air conditioning system is ready to go. Give Hage Energy a call and schedule an appointment for an HVAC checkup. The last thing you want is to have your AC break down in the middle of a heatwave this summer.