Hage Energy, your HVAC service in Houston, can help you take stock of how much energy you are using in your home and how you can make more efficient use of your home energy systems. Ask us to conduct a home energy audit that will determine how much energy you’re wasting and how you can stop the problem. We can help you lower your home’s energy costs.

By running a home energy audit, Hage Energy will determine the reasons for skyrocketing energy costs associated with your home. We can then come up with a plan to stop wasting energy and increase efficiency, which will lower your energy bills.


The home energy audit conducted on your home will spot leakage issues related to heating and cooling. It also identifies poor ventilation and water drainage issues. We will pinpoint areas where leaks are occurring, especially in ducts or vents. Our team will then write up a detailed report and make repair recommendations.

To help make your home as energy efficient as possible, put your faith in Hage Energy. Contact us today for a complete home energy audit to increase the efficiency of your property.