1. Be Prepared For Winter

    While Houston isn't stereotypically known for its freezing winters, there are a few days each year where temperatures drop below freezing. With winter approaching, it’s very important that you audit your heating system. It only takes one uncharacteristically cold day for you to learn this lesson t…Read More

  2. The Truth About Your Attic

    If you’re experiencing excessive energy costs or it seems as though your home takes longer than it should to get down to a reasonable temperature, your first thought is probably that something is wrong with your air conditioner. But the truth is, these pain points are not always the result of faul…Read More

  3. Summer A/C unit cleaning checklist

    House not cooling down? Try this troubleshooting checklist Being that we’re on cusp the of the hottest months of the year, it’s important to nip all your cooling concerns in the bud now. No one wants to be frantically scrambling for a solution on a 100-degree day in mid-July when what was origin…Read More

  4. FREE in-home energy audit!

    Enjoy our first newsletter! You are receiving this newsletter on behalf of Hadi Elhage, president and CEO of Hage Energy. Hadi Elhage has been a leader in energy efficiency, and home performance business since 1995. His extensive experience in heating and air conditioning design, installation, maint…Read More