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If your home’s energy bills are skyrocketing, it may be the result of heating and cooling systems that are not working efficiently. An air conditioner or furnace that is not working properly uses more energy and, therefore, is more expensive to operate. Fortunately, Hage Energy has solutions to combat your energy bill issue.

Hage Energy would be happy to replace your outdated, inefficient air conditioner or furnace with a new, modern system that would efficiently keep you comfortable. By using less energy, your new air conditioner and/or furnace will help lower your energy bills. Call us today to replace your existing air conditioner or heating unit.

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Hage Energy expertly installs a complete line of energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment. Our products are from the best brands in the industry. All our products and services come with warranty protection. Our air conditioning products help keep your home cool during the warm weather months while reducing humidity levels. They also ensure clean air by using an air filter to remove harmful contaminants. Best of all, they waste less energy, which helps you save money.

Contact Hage Energy to also ask about energy-efficient heating systems that will meet all your comfort needs while saving you money. Our energy-efficient heating units will help lower your energy consumption and increase energy efficiency. The result is more money in your pocket and less spent on bills. Trust our experts for prompt installation services.

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Dust and debris can clog up your air duct system and grind it to a halt. To ensure maximum efficiency of your heating or cooling system, you can contact Hage Energy for effective air duct cleaning services. Hage Energy offers air duct cleaning service for residential and commercial customers. An air duct cleaning service can not only help your HVAC system operate more efficiently, but also ensure clean air throughout your home or business. You will get your money’s worth with air duct cleaning from Hage Energy.

Hage Energy, your heating and cooling experts in Houston, provides the expert services you need to enjoy the cleanest air possible in your home. Our team can be trusted for the indoor air quality solutions you need to enjoy the cleanest air possible in your home. Clean air will help keep your heating and cooling systems running efficiently, which will save you money.

The HVAC team at Hage Energy will evaluate your home’s air intake system to determine the best way to optimize air flow in your home. We can also add an air filtration system that will clean up your air by removing harmful particles. Call us to ask about our helpful indoor air quality solutions.

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High-quality ventilation can make a world of difference for your property. A well-ventilated home or business will use less energy and will save you money on energy bills. The most advanced ventilation solution on the market today is solar ventilation. Hage Energy offers solar attic vents and fans that are activated based on the amount of solar energy taken in by our sensors. These fans also come with a humidity sensor that will turn the fan on when the humidity is over 75%.

Solar attic fans allow you to use a fan for ventilation only when the conditions make it necessary to do so. You won’t be wasting money running fans on days that are not hot or humid. A properly insulated and ventilated home or business will increase energy efficiency, reduce moisture levels, and ultimately, save you money.

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If your home’s energy costs are out of control, it may be a sign that air is escaping outside because of poor insulation. A property that isn’t adequately insulated allows heat to escape during winter and seep in from the outside during summer. Proper insulation helps regulate the temperature of your home and allows you to manage your energy costs.

Hage Energy has the insulation solutions you need. We protect your property by offering blown-in attic insulation that can be installed in the most crucial areas of your attic; it keeps heat from escaping during the winter while keeping cool air out during the summer. Blown-in attic insulation is efficient, allowing you to stay comfortable while saving money. Feel free to call us to schedule a consultation for energy-efficient insulation services to lower your heating and cooling costs.

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We all want to reduce the amount of energy we’re wasting in our homes, but how do we know how much we’re wasting and where the problem is worst? Your heating and cooling professionals at Hage Energy can do this for you. We run a home energy audit to determine what causes high energy costs in your home.

A home energy audit can pinpoint heating, cooling, and air leakage problems in your home. Our team will run a full inspection of your home to search for air loss and water drainage problems. We will run tests to measure air infiltration and duct leakage rates. Once we’ve determined the amount of energy you’re wasting and where the problem lies, we will write up a detailed report about the problem and offer suggestions for repair. Contact Hage Energy for help making your home as energy efficient as possible.

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Air sealing in your home can help you save plenty of money on your energy bills. Our experts at Hage Energy provide the air sealing services you need to save money in the long run.

Air sealing limits the passage of air through the cracks in your walls, floors, and ceilings. Doing so helps make your home much more energy efficient, which saves you money. To help make sure your home is operating efficiently, we offer blower door and duct blaster testing to check how well your home is sealed. The blower door test identifies cracks and open areas where air might be leaking. The duct blaster finds these areas in your duct system. By spotting these problem areas, we can properly seal them to help you save energy and money.

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To help you save on heating and cooling costs, Hage Energy is here to help with energy-efficient windows for your home or business. There are many benefits to energy-efficient windows, including conserving resources, promoting the health of the planet, and saving money.

We have the best advice and resources to help you save money on energy costs. We can install Energy Star doors and other products that offer energy savings. Energy Star doors are durable, offering protection from the elements outside while promoting a healthy planet. Contact us for more information about energy-efficient windows and doors.

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Be ready for those times when the power goes out. To keep the power on and avoid a major headache, contact Hage Energy for generator installation services. Our experts can install backup generators that are designed to kick on when the power supply to your home or business is knocked off. A generator will help keep you safe during a bad storm or unfortunate accident.

Hage Energy can install the backup generator that is perfect for your property. We have several different generators for you to choose from. Our experts can take a quick assessment of your property and determine which option would be best for you. Trust us for expert service and the equipment you need to stay safe and secure.

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We can help you transition to an energy-efficient LED lighting system in your home. Hage Energy can complete a total lighting retrofit project that removes your existing lights and replaces them with high-end, energy-efficient lamps, electronic ballasts, and high bay replacement fixtures.

A lighting retrofit is beneficial to you because it can offer you huge energy savings. It can also increase the overall quality and consistency of your lighting. Contact Hage Energy to take an assessment of your lighting system and start the retrofitting of your property.

Contact Hage Energy for all of your heating and cooling needs. From furnace repairs to air conditioner installations, we do it all.

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